E-Learning and the iNtegrating Technology for inQuiry (NTeQ) Model Lesson Design

Lee Hatch Flake

Nagasaki University Japan

DOI: https://doi.org/10.20448/journal.509.2017.42.72.80

Keywords: NTeQ, Native World®, E-Learning, Instruction.


The author reflects on the history of technology in education and e-learning and introduces the iNtegrating Technology for inQuiry (NTeQ) model of lesson design authored by Morrison and Lowther (2005). The NTeQ model lesson design is a new pedagogy for academic instruction in response to the growth of the Internet and technological advancements in education. The author explains the philosophy of the NTeQ model lesson design and its practical applications for e-learning. The author also introduces the NHK designed software Native World® that provides auditory modeling and assesses the student’s pronunciation and progress. Both the NTeQ design and the Native World® program are effective methods for supplementing EFL instruction in Asian classrooms. The author introduces sample collaborative e-learning lesson plans including the NTeQ model for reference.


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