The Effectiveness of Using Revised Bloom's Taxonomy-Oriented Learning Activities to Improve Students’ Metacognitive Abilities

I Gede Sudirtha

Ganesha University of Education, Indonesia.

I Wayan Widiana

Ganesha University of Education, Indonesia.

Made Aryawan Adijaya

Ganesha University of Education, Indonesia.


Keywords: Learning activities, Bloom's taxonomy, Metacognitive.


Learning activities carried out in schools today lack innovative and varied approaches. There are few learning activities that can help develop students' meta cognitive abilities. Meta cognitive abilities are important for students to realize their weaknesses and strengths in studying and utilizing learning materials. This study analyses the effectiveness of developing revised Bloom's taxonomy-oriented learning activities to improve students' meta cognitive abilities. A quasi-experiment was used as the research design, in the form of a posttest which allowed control over the design. The subjects of this survey were all fourth graders, consisting of 132 students. The random sampling method was used to select 44 students. The data collection method used was via a test. The testing instrument used was a 10-item descriptive test. The methods and techniques of data analysis used were inferential statistical analyses. The data analysis used an independent sample t-test using SPSS. The independent sample t-test result showed 0.00 < 0.05. This meant that the development of learning activities based on Bloom's revised classification method was effective for improving students' meta cognitive skills.


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