The Current Status of Secondary School Teacher’s Perception of Happiness in Nam Dinh Province during the Implementation Period of the 2018 General Education Program

Pham Thi Hong Tham

The Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, Vietnam.

Pham Thi Phuong Thuc

The Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, Vietnam.

Phan Thi Huong Giang

The Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, Vietnam.

Nguyen Thanh Tam

The Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, Vietnam.


Keywords: Perception of happiness, Current status, Secondary school teachers, Well being, Happiness, Secondary school.


In the current context of a major revolution in the Vietnamese education system, teachers’ perception of happiness makes an important criterion in evaluating effectiveness of the changes made to educational programs. The initial investigation of the positive effects of this renovation was conducted on the scale of Nam Dinh province and the results show multidimensional sources of information. In addition to positive information, there is still information that raises many questions for leaders to pay attention to. The outcome of the investigation suggests the evaluation of “The job is meaningful” is 3.10 out of 5 points, which is the lowest in assessment criteria. Meanwhile, the rates for “Completely disbelieve” and “Slightly disbelieve” in happiness of their profession in the future take up a large proportion (24.4%). However, other criteria namely “Being satisfied with current position” and “Feeling motivated with the job” received higher evaluation scores, respectively 4.05/5 points and 4.11/5 points. Via the results of the research, the author is looking forward to appropriate actions taken by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam with a view to enhancing the perception of happiness among teachers.


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