Relationship between Workplace Fun and Job Satisfaction among University Administrative Staff: Does Perceived Organizational Support Matter?

Henry Samuel Edosomwan

Department of Psychology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria.


Keywords: Workplace fun, Job satisfaction, Perceived organizational support, University, Administrative staff, Nigeria.


Research on the underlying factors connecting workplace fun and job satisfaction in public organizations is in dearth. Based on the aforementioned, this study examined the moderating effect of perceived organizational support (POS) in the relationship between workplace fun and job satisfaction. A cross-sectional design was adopted for the study. The convenience sampling technique was used for selecting 167 university administrative staff consisting of 58 males and 109 females. Standardized self-report measures were adopted for data collection while the regression analysis (complemented with model 1 of Hayes' PROCESS Macro) was used for testing the hypotheses via the IBM-SPSS version 25. The results indicated that workplace fun positively and significantly predicted job satisfaction. POS was positively and significantly related to job satisfaction but did not moderate the relationship between workplace fun and job satisfaction. The research findings suggest that workplace fun and POS are salient factors for the experience of satisfaction at work. It is recommended that workplace fun should be encouraged and supported by the organization as this has a unique way of improving job satisfaction.


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