A Study into the Nature of Emotional Intelligence in Public and Private Institutions in Ghana

Chief Bright Akomeah

Sunyani Technical University, Ghana.


Francis Duah

Sunyani Technical University, Ghana.


Ernest Owusu

Sunyani Technical University, Ghana.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.20448/journal.500.2021.82.53.60

Keywords: Awareness of own emotions, Management of own emotions, Awareness of others’ emotions, Management of others’ emotions, Emotional intelligence, Public institutions.


The purpose of the study is to examine the nature of emotional intelligence in a survey using respondents from both public and private institutions. The study design is quantitative, descriptive, and cross-sectional research. The sample size for the study was 140 sampled using the convenience sample method. The questionnaire for the collection of data was designed by the researchers using the Likert Scale format. The reliability of the scales and the dimensions of the scales were investigated using reliability, and factor analysis tests respectively. The data was analysed using the IBM SPSS Statistics 26. The results show the responses were reliable and the scales were also unidimensional. Various dimensions of emotional intelligence were identified as awareness of own emotions; management of emotions; awareness of others’ emotions; and management of others’ emotions. Management of institutions should consider in their organisational strategies, the findings of the present research to ensure the efficient running of the institutions. The role of demographic features in emotional intelligence is a recommended direction for future studies.


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