Vol. 5 No. 1 (2018)

Anticancer Activity of L-Asparaginase Produced from Vigna Unguiculata

Sorial A. Moharib
Biochemistry Department, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt

Published 2018-12-03

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  • Seed, L-asparaginase, Cytotoxicity.

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Moharib, S. A. (2018). Anticancer Activity of L-Asparaginase Produced from Vigna Unguiculata. World Scientific Research, 5(1), 1–12. https://doi.org/10.20448/journal.510.2018.51.1.12


The present study aimed to production of purified L-asparaginase from Vignaunguiculata. Different physiological parameters, such as pH, temperature and incubation period, were optimized for growth and maximum L-asparaginase production. The optimum parameters were 37°C, 30 min and pH 8.5. Maximum L-asparaginase was 886.4U/ml with a specific activity of 1140.7 U/ml (31 fold purification with 28 %yield) were obtained at optimum conditions. The purified L-asparaginase produced from Vignaunguiculata was used for characterization and general properties. The effect of pH and temperature on L-asparaginase activity as well as stability at different pH and temperature were determined. The optimum pH 8.5 and 37ºC temperature on L-asparaginase showed 100% residual activity. Stability of pH around 8.5 and temperature 70ºC showed 90 and 78 % residual activity at 30 and 60 min respectively. The L-asparaginase showed high stability at alkaline pH (pH 8.5) when incubated for up to 60h.The molecular weight of the produced L-asparaginase was close to 68.5 kDa. Cytotoxic activity of L-asparaginase was examined in vitro using four carcinoma cell lines. L-aspargenase has higher effective in growth inhibition against HEPG2 and HCT-116 but lower against HELLA and MCF7 carcinoma cell lines. The data show that L-aspargenase has a higher cytotoxic activity against HEPG2 and HCT116, revealed higher percentage of cell death, indicating antitumor properties, and demonstrate direct effect on cancer cell proliferation of HEPG2 and HCT116. Therefore, Vignaunguiculata was considered to be a suitable source for production of L-asparaginase has higher activity and good stability. Purified L-asparaginase obtained from Vignaunguiculata could be employed in drug chemotherapy and treatment of cancer.


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