Vol 6 No 2 (2019)

Stigmatization and Suicide Vulnerability in LGBT Students: Inquiry and Recommendations

Egemen Hanımoğlu
Cukurova University, Turkey
Published March 11, 2019
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In all countries, schools should be a safe environment for the students. Nonetheless, the LGBT students are too often faced with a schooling experience that is characterized by inadequate access to LGBT-related information, discrimination, harassment, cyber bullying, and, in worst cases, sexual and physical abuse. The different abusive experiences of these students cause great physical and emotional stress leading to poor performance, increased school dropout cases, and suicide among others despite the fact that the right to have education is being protected under the most countries’ laws as well as the international law. The article reviews the existing research in regards to stigmatization and how it makes the students vulnerable to suicide, and it suggests recommendations for dealing with the existing knowledge and policy gaps. Studies indicate that LGBT students in schools which promote the formation of GSAs are less likely to attempt suicide, miss school, and suffer from bullying as compared to schools without the support groups. Moreover, parents with LGBT children should become more supportive, educative and monitor their children’s behavior to ensure that they do not suffer from stigmatization which triggers suicidal behavior.


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