Vol 5 No 2 (2018)

Opinions of Science Teachers for Classroom Management

Ulas Kubat
MuglaSıtkı Kocman University, Faculty of Education
Nurhak Cem Dedebali
Sinop University, Faculty of Education
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  • Classroom management,
  • Classroom communication,
  • Unwanted behavior.


This study investigates science teachers' concerns about how to achieve effective classroom management, with particular reference to classroom communication, student motivation, physical environments and unwanted student behaviors. A qualitative research method is used in this research. The semi-structured interview form is developed by the researchers as a data collection tool. The study group consists of fourteen science teachers who are working in Mugla province of Turkey, in the academic year of 2015-2016. According to the research findings, participating teachers have linked effective classroom communications to such aspects as student participation and a democratic and sincere classroom environment. In addition, they have also stated that effective classroom management are linked to the following: proper material usage, asking questions, feeling the importance of lessons, physical environment, laboratory environment, a U-shaped seating plan, use of an interactive whiteboard, verbal warnings to correct undesirable behaviors, trying to understand the causes of problems, giving responsibility, establishing eye contact, proper punishments, interviewing parents, guiding teachers and sending students to principal’s room.


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