Vol 5 No 2 (2018)

The Relationship between Academic Procrastination Behaviors of Preservice Science Teachers and Their Attitudes toward Social Media

Asist. Prof.; Dicle University, Ziya Gökalp Education Faculty, Department of Science Education. Diyarbakır-
Rıfat EFE
Assoc. Prof.; Dicle University, Ziya Gökalp Education Faculty, Department of Biology Education. Diyarbakır-
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  • Academic procrastination,
  • Social media attitudes,
  • Preservice teachers.


In this study, the relationship between study preservice science teachers’ academic procrastination and their attitudes toward social media was investigated. The study was carried out with the participation of 511 preservice science teachers (F: 346, M:165) on teacher education course at Dicle University during 2014-2015 academic year. The date was collected through “Social Media Attitude Scale” and "Academic Procrastination Scale". The data collected was analyzed by using t test, one-way Anova and multiple regression. Analysis of the data revealed that academic procrastination was higher among male preservice science teachers in comparison to the female participants. The study also found that having social media membership positively affects the preservice teachers’ attitude in terms of social sharing, social competency and social isolation. The study also revealed that the duration of membership for a social media site has an influence on academic procrastination. The multiple regression displayed that as social media attitude dimensions, the sharing need, social competency, social isolation and relationship with teachers’ variables all together yield a low-level and significant relationship with preservice teachers’ academic procrastination behaviors. The findings have important implications for teacher education.


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