Vol 4 No 3 (2018)

Investigation of the Health Significance of 4th Grade Students in Physical Education and Sport Department

Adıyaman University, School of Physical Education and Sports, Adıyaman
Mustafa KOÇ
Adıyaman University, School of Physical Education and Sports, Adıyaman
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  • Health,
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The knowledge, vision, understanding and practices of a community about health and disease issues show the socio-economic structure, educational and cultural level of that society. Human health is under the influence of the hazards which are the product of various demographic, economic, social, cultural, psychological, physical, chemical and biological factors. For many years health was defined as the absence of the disease. But in recent years it has been recognized as a concept in which health is included in a physical, emotional and mental well-being. The relationship between health and wellness is obvious.  Well being can be defined as reaching the level of physical and psychological health which is provided consciously and willingly. For this reason, health is a progress made towards improved health. We call the health condition in which cure and rehabilitation are needed as negative health; the health condition in which there is no illness and which is balanced as neutral health; health condition which is about health conducts improving life quality as positive health. The main purpose of this study is to expose perceptions of students of Department of Physical Education and Sports 4th grade about “health” concept by the means of metaphors. The participants for this study included 43 students from High school of Physical Education and Sports both located in Adıyaman. To collect the study data, each participant was asked to complete the prompt “health is like … because …” The content analysis technique was used to analyse study data. According to the results, all of the students (100 %) have developed positive metaphors.


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