Vol 4 No 3 (2018)

The Analysis of Stress Levels of the Female Wrestlers Studying in Higher Education (A Case of Batman Provice)

Batman University, Batman
Batman University, Batman
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  • Wrestling,
  • Female wrestler,
  • Stress levels,
  • Education.


The purpose of this paper was to analyze the stress levels of the female wrestlers studying in higher education. The trial group of the research consisted of 52 volunteer female wrestlers studying in higher education in the province Batman. The research data were collected with “Work Stress Scale” developed by House and Rizzo (1972) adapted into Turkish by Yalçın (2009). In the analysis of data, the Mann Whitney-U and Kruskall Wallis-H tests were benefited from as well as the descriptive statistical techniques. As a result of the research, the female wrestlers were considered to experience stress occasionally. While there were not any differences in the female wrestlers’ stress levels in accordance with the variables of bachelor year, persons who they live and income status, there were some differences in their stress levels about whether family members were keen on sport or not.


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