Vol 3, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Business Model Development Strategy of Padjadjaran University with Canvas Business Model Approach
Budi Mulyana, Arief Daryanto, Agus Purwito
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Operationalization of Internal Analysis Using the VRIO Framework: Development of Scale for Resource and Capabilities Organization (Case Study: XYZ Company Animal Feed Business Unit)
Widya Ariyani, Arief Daryanto, Sahara .
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Business Process Reengineering Resources and the Performance of Quoted Brewing Firms in Nigeria
Akam, G. U., Okeke, M. N., Kekeocha, M. E., Onuorah, A. N.
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Assessing the Effectiveness of Management Consultancy in Operations of Construction Firms: A Case of Willy Enterprises Ltd in Arusha Tanzania
Mbonde Anthony Jokakuu
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Service Quality Delivery of Rural Banks: Perception of Customers in Emerging Economies
Michael Ayikwei Quarshie, Reginald Djimatey, Ama Abakah-Anaman
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Determinants of Owner-manager Competencies for Small Business Operations: Evidence from a Small Restaurant Business in Tanzania
Ruth Elias, Wilhelm Leonard, Joshua Mwakujonga
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