Consumption Behaviour and Conservation of Household Electricity in Delhi: A Factor Analysis Approach

Nidhi Tewathia

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Gargi College, Delhi University, New Delhi, India


Keywords: Awareness; Behaviour, Electricity, Factor analysis, Household.


Electricity has attained a very important place in every household on this planet. It is a major contributor towards improvement of the standard of living of any individual, family and society at large. The primary focus for this research is to demonstrate the viability of Factor Analysis as a statistical tool for use in exploratory research. This tool not only offers the possibility of attaining a clear view of the data but also the possibility of utilizing the output in further analyses. In this light, the paper aims to find the latent variables which explain the factors behind consumer behavior and awareness in context of household electricity consumption. A questionnaire based study for 395 Delhi households was undertaken wherein the sample households were selected on the basis of stratified random sampling technique. The exploratory factor analysis (EFA) is conducted with a principal components extraction method and varimax rotation method. The factors are identified which stand valid to be included and targeted in further research on the electricity consumption and its conservation.


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