I Use Firewood but I Do Not Grow Trees: An Analysis of Tree Planting Exercise among Rural Households in Ghana

Paul Adjei Kwakwa

Department of Business Economics, Presbyterian University College, Ghana

Edward Debrah Wiafe

Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management, Presbyterian University College, Ghana

Keywords: Natural resource, Rural, Energy consumption, Households.


Fuel wood is still the world’s major source of energy at a time that the world is advocating conservation of our natural resources as well as finding ways to deal with climate change. As a result, this study examined rural households tree planting activities in Ghana. Relying on primary data gathered from 207 household heads selected from rural areas within the tropical forest and savannah zones of Ghana, the study found that majority of the interviewees rely on firewood for cooking and heating of water. However, only 15% of those respondents who use firewood indicated they plant tree and this could be attributed to lack of proper education on tree planting.


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